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AEAEA-11.hqx is an algorithmic stand-alone music application, it plays lush music and cycles mystic pictures of Circe's island, Aeaea (Malta), where Odysseus' sailors were enchanted. Can be used as an artistic-mystic background while you chill out.
YOU NEED: Apple's Quicktime (2.5) and Sound Manager, System 7.+
DETAILS: AEAEA-11 was realized on a Mac 8500 PPC (system 7.5.5, QT 2.5) using Opcode System's MAX 3.0. program. Virus checked.Compressed with Stuffit Lite.
AVAILABILITY: AEAEA-11 is free to individuals for their private enjoyment. Distribution by CD Rom and other means: OK, please notify by e-mail.

**************** ***************** ***********
QuickStart: Double-click on the in the Program Folder.
Hit the SPACE BAR to start and stop. The music plays on the Mac's internal speakers. If possible, hook your computer's audio output into your HiFi system.

Do not remove the from its folder; it is an APPLICATION, so close by opening the Apple control bar File menu and selecting "QUIT".

Notes: According to Homer's epic, The Odyessy, when Odysseus (Ulyssus) and his men reached the mysterious island of Aeaea, they were enchanted by the sorceress Circe. Malta, a small 15-by-17 mile island off the coast of Sicily in the Med. seems to be the likely place for this encounter. Homer's description of the landing in a fair bay (St. Paul's bay) and the promentory from which a temple in the middle of the island was seen all seem to reinforce this idea. Also important is the discovery of Minoan- era temple ruins with bull figures and oracle whispering holes. Malta has a long history of occupation by many cultures: Romans, Arabs, The Knights of St. John, Napoleon, the English etc. Although totally Catholic in religion, they speak an Arabic-based language which is written using the Roman alphabet. Malta became an independent nation shortly after WW II and the entire island was given the George Cross for its valiant role during that struggle (hence the initials after the name: Malta, G.C.) I spent 6 weeks in Malta during the summer of 1972 (mainly in the small fishing village of Marsasloxx) and took many slides and pictures of the curious landscapes, churches and bells. All the time I was there - and ever as I remember or dream of it - Malta was a rich, exciting enchanted island full of wonderful loving people to whom a smile, a joke and a drink with one's companions were the best things in life. However, their way of life and sense of time was very different. Most people seemed to get up very early and go to bed shortly after sunset. Malta, a very densely populated island, seemed totally deserted by late afternoon just when the sun was so right for taking pictures, and so many of my color slides were landscapes without people in them.
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