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Post by Info-Mac » January 15th, 1999, 11:00 am

Download: http://archive.info-mac.org/art/odyssey-14.hqx

Odyssey-14 is an algorithmic stand-alone music application, it plays mystic, archaic music while flashing Greek-Minoan images. Can be used as an artistic-mystic background during break time!
YOU NEED: Apple's Quicktime, Sound Manager, System 7.+

DETAILS: Odyssey-14 was realized on a Mac 8500 PPC (system 7.5.2) as an application, using Opcode System's MAX 3.0. program.Virus checked. Compressed with Stuffit Lite. AVAILABILITY: Odyssey-14 is free to individuals for their private enjoyment. Distribution by CD Rom and other means: OK, please notify by e-mail.
(The Odyssey is an ancient Greek epic poem about the 10-year voyage of Odysseus [Ulysses]).
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