PC-Mac-Net FileShare 1.5 for MacOS X

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PC-Mac-Net FileShare 1.5 for MacOS X

Post by Info-Mac » April 14th, 2002, 9:00 am

Download: http://archive.info-mac.org/comm/pc-mac ... 15-osx.hqx

PC-Mac-Net FileShare allows you to easily and securely transfer files
between any type of Macintosh and Windows PC over a local area
network or over the Internet. Any two computers in a network can be
connected at one time.

* Perfect for simple cross-platform file sharing on home networks
* Allows you to conveniently get files from your friends via the Internet
* Supports the transfer of huge files, even when using dialup modems
* Safely access files stored on your home computer from school or work
* Only you and your trusted friends can access your shared files
* Transfers between computers can be stopped and resumed at any time
* True Peer-to-Peer (P2P) networking - no servers are involved
* File access is protected by highly secure 448-bit encryption
* Works between any type of Macintosh and Windows PC
* Broken file transfers (due to modem dropouts, etc.) can be resumed
* automatically renames files to ensure cross-platform file name compatibility
* sets Macintosh type/creators correctly based on PC file name extensions
* adds PC file name extension correctly based on Macintosh type/creator
* list of types/creators and PC file name extensions can be changed by user
* Uses standard Internet protocols for all operations (ie. TCP/IP)
* Also supports native Mac-to-Mac and Windows-to-Windows transfers
* Macintosh file types/creators are set correctly, based on PC file extensions
* Additional Macintosh file types/creators can be added by the user
* Versions for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP, MacOS Classic and MacOS X
* You can download all versions for Windows and MacOS when you purchase
* Demo works for an unlimited time, but only transfers files less than 2mb
* The full version is priced at only USD24.95

Lava Software Pty. Ltd.
GPO Box 215, Adelaide, Australia, 5001
[email protected]
Australian Company Number: 078 013 902
Australian Business Number: 52 078 013 902

Both the PC-Mac-Net FileShare software (hereafter called the
'software') and user manual are Copyright (c) 2001 by Lava Software
Pty. Ltd., GPO Box 215, Adelaide, Australia, 5001. All rights

All data bases and other resources included with this software are
also Copyright (C) 2001 by Lava Software. Their use, other than with
this software, requires the express written permission of the
copyright holder.

You may not make alterations, attempt to disassemble, reverse
engineer or decompile the software under any circumstances whatsoever.
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