PhoneTone'r 1.1 Submission

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PhoneTone'r 1.1 Submission

Post by Info-Mac » December 26th, 2003, 11:00 am


PhoneTone'r is an efficient AppleScript(R) application that will
automatically dial any telephone number copied to the clipboard! It
requires you to place the mouthpiece of your touch-tone phone close to
your computer speaker. PhoneTone'r will convert a word number to its
proper numerical format and also copy it back to the clipboard (in case
you need to paste it into a document).

New to this Version:
(1) You can know change the prefix number to any number you desire.
(2) There is better handling of the phone number grouping,
especially with out of U.S. numbers.

System Requirements:
PhoneTone'r has been tested on Mac OS 9.x. PhoneTone'r requires the
freeware (Akua Sweets 1.4.3) installed in your Scripting Additions
Folder of your System Folder. Requires a Touch-Tone phone.

Cost: Freeware

Quickset Alarm is by Terrance P. Burnett ([email protected]).
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