Sniffles v2.0 for MacOS X

Inter-computer communication software: Modem dialers, file transfer, telecommunications, etc.
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Sniffles v2.0 for MacOS X

Post by Info-Mac » February 15th, 2002, 11:00 am


Sniffles is a free, general purpose network traffic monitor and packet
capture program for MacOSX. It is capable of monitoring and logging all
network traffic on ethernet and ppp network interfaces. ICMP, UDP and TCP
message payloads can be viewed directly in the program's hex-editor view. New
with version 2.0 is expanded viewing of packet headers and real time graphing
of network traffic. Sniffles is a very useful network monitoring tool, and
it's free!
Requires MacOSX.

Version History:
2.0 expanded features, UI update
1.1 renamed to Sniffles
1.0 initial release

email: [email protected]
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