Steam 2.2

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Steam 2.2

Post by Info-Mac » August 8th, 2004, 9:00 am


Steam 2.2 is an OS X application that reads and stores the schedules
for the user's choice of BBC Radio stations and displays a list of
what's on now in a small window. It will remind you when a favorite
programme is about to start and allow you to quickly start that
programme playing through RealPlayer.

Although this functionality may seem similar to just browsing the BBC
Web Site, there are many advantages to using Steam. Among these are the
fact that everything is displayed in your own time zone, minimal use
of the screen, checking schedules while off-line, checking old
listings, searching listings on any station concurrently and many more.
And you get reminders so you don't miss your favorite programme.

New in this release:
Compatibility with RealPlayer 10
Access to the World Service and Radio 3 archives
More user-friendly reaction to corrupted data files

This is a must for any Mac user who listens to the BBC.

Requirements: OS X 10.2 and up
Price: The program is free, though a $5 donation is suggested.
More Info:

Kevin Patfield, Flixton Software, Phoenix, Arizona
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