Cross Platform 1.1.1 - Mac to Windows Consultant

Compression and general format translation utilities and info. Unix encoding, binhex, macbinary, tar, encryption, MS-DOS disk access.
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Cross Platform 1.1.1 - Mac to Windows Consultant

Post by Info-Mac » December 16th, 2000, 11:00 am


Cross Platform provides information about how the programs and files on a
Macintosh can be used with Windows-based computers. It also functions as
an excellent disk-cataloging tool.

There are three main types of user who will need it: users needing to
share files with Windows-based computers, Macintosh users needing to work
on Windows computers, and users wishing to catalogue and analyze the
files on their computer.

The Cross Platform Database contains information on over 400 file
formats. Cross Platform reports are fully customizable, include
sophisticated filtering and May be saved to text files or printed out for
hard copy.

Version 1.1.1 adds a switch for Navigation Services and better support
for the Appearance Manager.
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