FileChop 1.0

Compression and general format translation utilities and info. Unix encoding, binhex, macbinary, tar, encryption, MS-DOS disk access.
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FileChop 1.0

Post by Info-Mac » December 20th, 2000, 11:00 am


FileChop is a new way to transport applications as well as documents and
other types of files that are too large to send by email, floppy disk,
or zip disk. If you would like to email a 1.6mb program to your friend,
but your ISP will only let you send 1mb attachments, simply chop the
application into a 1mb pieces and email him the pieces to be reassembled
on his end. You can chop a 450mb movie into four 100mb pieces and a 50
mb piece to carry the movie on 5 zip disks. To chop a file, simply
compress the file by any standard method (.sit, .hqx, .bin, or .zip),
choose how large the chopped pieces should be, and chop it! To unchop,
simply choose the chopped pieces in numerical order (1, 2, 3, 4, etc)
then when you have chosen the numbered files, end with choosing the
"fileinfo" file, and the process will end after you choose that file.
You must unchop in this order or the file will not reconfigure properly!
FileChop is freeware, but please email me if you like it.

Please email me at [email protected] to report any bugs or problems with
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