Folder Flattener Lite 1.2

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Folder Flattener Lite 1.2

Post by Info-Mac » December 22nd, 2001, 11:00 am

Download: ... ite-12.hqx

Folder Flattener Lite 1.2


Drop a folder on the desktop icon. Folder Flattener will compress and
encipher your folder and all files and subfolders within, creating a
backup file suitable for uploading to Internet storage servers.
Double-clicking the .flat file will restore the entire folder to the
location you select. Does not delete sources unless the Option key is
depressed (normally, a pretty cheerful key.) Small, stable, fast,

Requires PowerPC, Macintosh OS 7.5 up to 9.2.1. Works fine in the Mac
OS X 10.1.1 "Classic" environment.


Freeware. Some assembly required (your codebook, see below).
Absolutely no support. Not responsible! This program may contain
errors, however unlikely, that could damage your file system, your
livelihood, your sanity and/or the last chance of the gods at
Gotterdammerung. Use this program entirely at your own risk and

If you lose track of your codebook, or if it is damaged, your .flat
files will be beyond my resources to restore.


Lite v1.2 - 20 Dec 2001, user may now press Esc or Cmd-Period to halt;
improved documentation (you¹re reading it)
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