Gammasoft Apple II File Decoder

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Gammasoft Apple II File Decoder

Post by Info-Mac » November 23rd, 1999, 11:00 am


This program will let you open files created on an Apple II series
microcomputer. It will let you open text files, BSAVEd text, Lo-Res
graphics, and Hi-Res graphics, and Applesoft program files.

This file requires the Gammasoft Runtime Engine. If you don't have the
Gammasoft Runtime Engine, you can download it from this server or, if you
have MacOS Easy Open enabled, use the HyperCard Player instead.

When you decompress this file, be sure to put it in the same folder as the
Main Menu file. Also put an alias of the Apple //e File Decoder file in the
`Data folder. Make sure the alias doesn't have an " alias" suffix or a
space after it's name.
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