StuffCM 2.6J - Japanese Version

Compression and general format translation utilities and info. Unix encoding, binhex, macbinary, tar, encryption, MS-DOS disk access.
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StuffCM 2.6J - Japanese Version

Post by Info-Mac » August 15th, 2000, 9:00 am


This is the Japanese version of the StuffCM package.

*Rated at 5 Cows (highest rating) from Tucows:
**Check out MacUpdate's review of StuffCM at "StuffCM is such a
sublime addition to the Mac OS, it's a wonder that it's not built in."

StuffCM is a contextual menu plugin that works with Aladdin Systems' StuffIt
Engine. It can stuff, unstuff, convert, BinHex, segment and join files
directly in the Finder through the contextual menu commands.

The StuffCM package also includes a control panel with lots of settings to
play with, plus the option to assign modifier keys to toggle those settings
on the fly. And it's 100% Appearance Manager savvy! Plus it supports
contextual menus - something many of Apple's own control panels don't!

The History
- Rebuilt with StuffIt SDK 5.5
- Added the ability to zip and MacBinary-encode files (with StuffIt Engine 5.5)
- Fixed the BinHex creator type field to actually allow input without beeping.
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