Compression and general format translation utilities and info. Unix encoding, binhex, macbinary, tar, encryption, MS-DOS disk access.
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Post by Info-Mac » June 17th, 1995, 9:00 am

Download: http://archive.info-mac.org/cmp/uu-tool-24.hqx

UUTool-FAT is the final version of UUTool; it has been tested and
seems to work very, very well.

UUTool 2.4 is accelerated for PowerMacintosh, has the segment and
join sped up, accepts core AppleEvents, and improved balloon help.

UUTool is freeware.

For those who don't know UUTool, it allows fast encoding, decoding
of uu-coded files, translation between UNIX and Mac. audio formats,
and robust text segment/join facilities.
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