LockOut 4.1

Low level stuff to examine and control your Mac. Hardware and software configuration reporting, speed testing, extension managers, startup managers, memory managers, fpu emulation, system monitors, screen resolution & depth, keyboard configuration, volume control. (Not for typical system or control panel extensions.)
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LockOut 4.1

Post by Info-Mac » April 11th, 2002, 9:00 am

Download: http://archive.info-mac.org/cfg/lockout-41.hqx

LockOut is a $15 Mac application that helps keep people from using your Mac
while you're away. Helps keep your Mac safe from your co-workers while at
the office, and from your kids while at home.

email: [email protected]

New for LockOut 4.1:
- New background window option in General prefs: ScreenSaver.

- New Security prefs: Clear session log. If set, the log clears when
LockOut quits.

- Password set from the File menu (instead of the Preferences).

- Admin utility can disable the user from setting the password.

- If the username is blank, LockOut fills it with the name from the File
Sharing control panel, and if that fails, from the Internet control panel.

New for LockOut 4.0:
Below is a partial list of new features.

€ Admin mode is now set by a separate application called "LockOut Admin".
This application is normally used by a system administrator type person.
"LockOut Admin" allows enabling or disabling of LockOut functions. For
example, the LockOut 'quit' function or any of the preferences can be
disabled for whatever reason.

€ New Security preferences added:

--- "Warn of any break-in attempts after exiting LockOut mode". If checked,
and if any break-in attempts occur, an alert appears after exiting LockOut

--- "Switch to last application after exiting LockOut mode". If checked,
after exiting LockOut mode the last application used prior to LockOut
becomes the front application.

--- "Use Keychain for password". If checked, LockOut stores and uses the
password found in the default Keychain Access control panel. You can edit
the Keychain Access control panel and add a new LockOut password item
(Important: the Name must be LockOut, and the Account must be the user name
used for LockOut).

--- ³Allow other apps to Quit LockOut without a password when in LockOut
mode². If checked, allows other applications (like the Finder) to quit
LockOut without LockOut requesting a password.

€ New General preferences added:
-- "Hide Login window when in LockOut mode" hides the Login window until the
mouse moves or a key is pressed.

€ Background picture can now be PICT, JPEG, TIFF, or GIFF file.
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