LockOut OS X 4.4.5J - Japanese version

Low level stuff to examine and control your Mac. Hardware and software configuration reporting, speed testing, extension managers, startup managers, memory managers, fpu emulation, system monitors, screen resolution & depth, keyboard configuration, volume control. (Not for typical system or control panel extensions.)
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LockOut OS X 4.4.5J - Japanese version

Post by Info-Mac » July 18th, 2002, 9:00 am

Download: http://archive.info-mac.org/cfg/lockout-osx-445j-jp.hqx

This is the Japanese version of the LockOut package for Mac OS X. A
version for Mac OS 8 and 9 is also available.

The British Broadcasting Corporation, Dow Jones, the Gap, and many other
corporations use LockOut to help secure their Macs. You can too.

Includes LockOut Admin 1.1 for system administrators.

LockOut is a simple application to help keep people from using your Mac
while you're away. LockOut helps keep your Mac safe from co-workers
while at the office, and from your kids while at home.

Once LockOut is activated, all anyone will see on your Mac is the LockOut
security screen:

*A valid password must first be entered to access your Mac
*Messages can be left by others
*Create your own custom voice warning
*Easily activated with a customizable hot key
*Activate automatically after a pause time
*Monitor security warnings from anywhere in the world via e-mail.
*And more...

New for LockOut 4.4:

* Activate upon wake from sleep (OS 8/9 only) (see Activate preferences)

* Activate LockOut daily at a user-specified time (see Activate preferences)

* Ability to choose a sound file as a warning sound -- no longer restricted
to system sounds (see Warning Sound preferences)

* Additional security for OS X (System Logout and other system commands

* Bug fixes
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