Mouse 2.0

Low level stuff to examine and control your Mac. Hardware and software configuration reporting, speed testing, extension managers, startup managers, memory managers, fpu emulation, system monitors, screen resolution & depth, keyboard configuration, volume control. (Not for typical system or control panel extensions.)
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Mouse 2.0

Post by Info-Mac » May 23rd, 2002, 9:00 am


Small floating window shows horizontal and vertical screen coordinates of
the mouse, coordinates in the front window, and changes in coordinates
since the option key was pressed. Also shows color under the mouse in RGB
and hex. Window can be dragged anywhere and will remember its position.

New in this version: completely rewritten. Window genuinely floats, without
interfering with your work. Window can appear in vertical or horizontal
position. Will float above all applications or above any specific
application, hiding when that application is not in front. Dismissed with a
click in its close box.

Requires OS 7.5 through 9x and three free scripting additions: Akua Sweets,
Dialog Director and Jon's Commands, all at Info-Mac.

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