TrashLater 2.3

Low level stuff to examine and control your Mac. Hardware and software configuration reporting, speed testing, extension managers, startup managers, memory managers, fpu emulation, system monitors, screen resolution & depth, keyboard configuration, volume control. (Not for typical system or control panel extensions.)
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TrashLater 2.3

Post by Info-Mac » September 11th, 2002, 9:00 am


TrashLater 2.3 - Automated trash collection for old files
(c)2002, Eric Roller, tredje design

TrashLater enables automatic trash collection for files that you
want to delete (later). Instead of putting files into the trash,
you could put them into a special folder - just in case you might
need them again later. Then instruct TrashLater to trash any
items that have been there for, say, a week or a month.

Usage examples:
- Clear out your download folder on a regular basis.
- Delete backup files that are older than a year.
- Clear your browser cache every day.

New in version 2.3:
- File statistics viewable in the setup application.
- Progress bar in the client.
- Installer.

System Requirements: MacOS 7 through 9.x, 68K or PPC

For more information, visit
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