YooZ beta 2 version for MacOS X

Low level stuff to examine and control your Mac. Hardware and software configuration reporting, speed testing, extension managers, startup managers, memory managers, fpu emulation, system monitors, screen resolution & depth, keyboard configuration, volume control. (Not for typical system or control panel extensions.)
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YooZ beta 2 version for MacOS X

Post by Info-Mac » May 26th, 2002, 9:00 am

Download: http://archive.info-mac.org/cfg/yooz-x-beta-2.hqx

This is the second YooZ beta version for MacOS X. YooZ is a carbon program.

YooZ for MacOS X is under development

What is YooZ for?
+ YooZ keeps track of all applications launched on your Macintosh, providing
the date and duration of each session.
+ YooZ is completely automatic
+ It provides many kinds of lists, like chronological history, total by
program, usage graphics by day, month or year, resumed activity for a given
period, user log under MacOS 9 and some information about the Macintosh.
+ Yooz for MacOS X need MacOS X 10.1 or later. By the way a MacOS 9 version
available on the author site

How to run YooZ for MacOS X?
+ If you installed the previous beta version, remove "YooZ extension PPC" In
prefs, "Open" panel
+ Install "YooZDaemon.pkg", restart and run YooZ

Known problems:
+ User logging/delogging is not registred
+ Sleep not regsitred
+ most of these limitations will be removed in future versions
+ some bugs

What's better:
+ prnting, clipboard, help menu works again
+ new daemon used for logging
+ better memory handling, aqua look (thank's to X !)
+ dramaticaly improved performances when working on big joblog files
+ history and program lists can display x2 more items than OS9 version

YooZ registration:
+ By the way you may register immediatly with a special upgrade price of 15$
for already regsitred users ! To register, choose Internet Menu then "Online
registration". Only online regsitration is supported
+ By regsitering now you will encourage me to work harder on YooZ
+ Online registration is available at http://order.kagi.com/?PC&S
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