AtariVD Editor 1.3

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AtariVD Editor 1.3

Post by Info-Mac » November 16th, 2003, 11:00 am

Download: ... or-13c.hqx

AtariVD Editor allows you to create and edit virtual disks for Atari 8-bit
computers (400, 800, 1200XL, 600XL, 800XL, 65XE, & 130XE models) on the
Macintosh. The virtual disks can be used with Rainbow, Chris Lam's Atari
800/800XL/130XE emulator for the Mac, or with any other Atari 8-bit emulators.

AtariVD Editor recognizes 8-bit virtual disk files in these formats:

.ATR: Nick Kennedy's SIO ATR file format with a 16-byte header at the
beginning of the file.
.ATD: AtariDisk format. These files begin with a 16-byte Macintosh header.
.RBW/Raw disk images: No header data. These files contain only the disk
sectors themselves.

AtariVD Editor is capable of reading, writing, and creating virtual disks in
both Atari DOS 2.0/2.5 and MyDOS 4.5 formats. In MyDOS format, you can create
virtual disks from 720 to 65,535 sectors of either 128 or 256 bytes! (90K to 16MB)

A simple text conversion feature with built in ATASCII Macintosh text
conversion is also provided.

Changes in version 1.3, 11/7/1999
* Fixed an Atari DOS 2.x file flag-byte bug (caused an error-144 when
attempting to read from Atari DOS).
* Fixed DOS 2.5 enhanced density free sector calculation. (really!)
* Fixed updating of byte edit box when the sector number is changed with the
file list selected.
* Internal enhancements: better memory handling, some routines rewritten to be
more compact and efficient, several redundant code blocks replaced with
subroutine calls.
* Improved Atari Mac file name conversion.
* The "Save Sector" button is now enabled and disabled as appropriate.
* When clicking on a list (file/hexadecimal/ASCII) to activate it, the current
selection is now preserved.
* Byte selection between the hexadecimal and ASCII sector data lists has been synchronized.
* Major dialog boxes have been converted to movable modal dialogs.
* Two arrow controls have been added to the sector editor, allowing easy
sequential sector navigation.
* A new preferences dialog lets users choose how boot data is stored, and
whether to use Rainbow type/creator codes.
* When adding or erasing a bootable DOS file on Atari DOS 2.x disks, the boot
sector data is no longer overwritten.
* The free sector indicator in virtual disk windows now shows the total usable
sectors and free space in KB.
* The file/directory list header now displays the total number of items in the
current directory.
* Multiple items can now be selected in the file/directory list.
* Files with creator/type codes of "A8VD/TEXT" can now be imported into
virtual disks from the Finder.
* Drag and Drop support added.
* Many additional small UI changes/improvements to menus, dialogs, and the
disk windows.

AtariVD Editor 1.3 is freeware. Requires System 7.5 or later.

Richard A. Carvel
[email protected]

Permission is granted to distribute AtariVD Editor 1.3 on the official
Info-Mac CD-ROM.
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