AutoCat 3.0.8 - Catalog different (Modified by Olivier Lebra)

Disk configuration and file management utilities and info. RAM disk, image mount, disk analysis & repair, scsi management, disk copying, file cataloging, directory search, file concatenation, file save & recovery, file comparison & update, alias & trash management. Folder locking, file shredding. (For compression and encryption utilities, see Compress-Translate. For utilities that work only on text files, see Text.)
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AutoCat 3.0.8 - Catalog different (Modified by Olivier Lebra)

Post by Info-Mac » January 25th, 2004, 11:00 am


AutoCat 3.0.8 - Shareware $15

Catalog different.

AutoCat Home Page:
Online Registration:
Author email: [email protected]

AutoCat got 4 mice at Macdownload and Tucows, and 5 mice at FileDudes.

AutoCat is a very intuitive software for keeping track of your MP3s, videos,
pictures, any kind of files on your CDs, or any kind of disks, by using
aliases. You navigate through your catalog with the best interface: there is
no interface! You just use the Finder, so you can access your catalog via
all the Finder features, and also via Open dialogs, or remotely via the

- Catalog all your CDs, CDRs, DVDs, any kind of discs or folders, in a
very Mac way.
- Navigate through your catalog directly from the Finder.
- Navigate through your catalog from Open/Save dialogs.
- No application to launch to navigate through your catalog.
- Use the Finder's 'Find' command (aka Sherlock) to search your
- Navigate through your catalog remotely via the network.
- Work with a super-easy drag & drop interface and in the background.
- Catalog the contents of StuffIt archives.

AutoCat 3 requires Mac OS X or Mac OS 8.6 or later with CarbonLib.

AutoCat can be included in CD-ROMs.

Happy AutoCataloging!
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