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Blitz v1.1 (68k)

Posted: November 17th, 1996, 11:00 am
by Info-Mac

November 1996-----This is version 1.1 (68k) of Blitz - the latest upgrade
to the high performance, low cost removable storage cataloguing software.

Available for the first time in a version accelerated for Power Macintosh,
searches on Power PC systems are approximately 50% faster than version 1.0.
Cataloguing is now an average of 40% faster (on all systems), and in some
cases 60% faster.

What's New In 1.1 ?
-now accelerated for Power Mac
-create a catalogue by dragging a volume onto the Blitz application icon
-ability to save find results to a text file
-move a catalogue to the trash within the program
-the ability to change the name of a catalogue before cataloguing
-now can be used with displays set to 2 (b/w) or 16 colors.
-all bugs fixed, fully compatible with Mac OS 7.5.3 & 7.5.5
-a Power Mac (PPC) version is also available

What is Blitz?
Blitz is a high performance file cataloguing utility, featuring ultra fast
searching and using small amounts of disk space for catalogues. Blitz is
ideal for use with CD-ROMs, Zip Drives, Jazz and Syquest cartridges.

Blitz is distributed as shareware. The standard cost is $US15.00.
General enquiries should be directed to the author of Blitz, Matthew
Bickham at the address below; more information can be found at the web

web page:
email: [email protected]