CDIconKiller 1.5; disables custom icons on CD-ROMs

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CDIconKiller 1.5; disables custom icons on CD-ROMs

Post by Info-Mac » October 24th, 1997, 9:00 am


To suppress custom icons, install this software.
This tends to speed up the Finder by a factor of about a zillion.

To temporarily show the custom icons, hold down the Command key when
opening a folder.

It works "as is" with Apple's CD-ROM drivers (both plain vanilla and
PowerCD), some NEC drives, and Optima Technologies CD-R Access
CD-ROMs; other drives may be added using ResEdit.

CDIconKiller has its own page on the web:

New since 1.4.1:
Works with Mac OS 8.
Updated the docs.

This is freeware, "Share and Enjoy"!

Don't forget to check out my Web pages!

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