CopyThru v3.1

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CopyThru v3.1

Post by Info-Mac » October 10th, 1997, 9:00 am


CopyThru v3.1 makes duplicates of HFS volumes with the option of
segmenting the copy through a fixed (or simply not-removed) volume. In
other words, it is a multi-pass block copier for removable media.
It is particularly useful for making backups of valuable data stored
on Zip, EzFlyer, Jaz, and other carts. CopyThru can also perform
high-speed direct disk-to-disk copies.

CopyThru fills up one or more hard drives (or as much of it as you permit
to be filled-up) with blocks, ejects the source volume, requests the
destination volume, and then repeats until the copy is completed.
It is heavily multi-threaded and uses asynchronous I/O so is much faster
than Finder-dragging.

CopyThru can copy almost anything; including disks with scratches, ball-point
marks, footprints, and even pin-holes.

Many options are supported.

Although v3.1 is now shareware it is quite inexpensive.

Ben Hellstrom
[email protected]
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