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1 line description
Finds duplicates, also finds duplicates by the tags' audio files.

Long description
Doublet Scan 10 is the most advanced program available to take
advantage of the latest OS X technologies to find any kind of
duplicates on your volumes.
Doublet Scan 10 is an evolution, completely redesigned and rewritten, of
the older Doublet Scan that was designed for the Classic Mac OS and
successively adapted for OS X.

Doublet Scan 10 allows you to search for duplicate files by name,
creation date, modified date, size, type, creator, extension, contents
and more. In addition, this new version looks for MP3 and AAC
duplicates by their tags: song name, artist, album, genre, year and

Doublet Scan 10 can manage your folders: automatically you can look for
your empty folders, invisible folders, their contents and more. Also,
you can use your imagination to create more customizable criteria with
which to search. As with the older version, you can also find any
unique files that you have on your volumes. You can also use Doublet
Scan with all Windows OS shared volumes to manage files and folders as
Mac OS volumes.

What's new
Fixed a bug that sometimes crashed Doublet Scan when a search was
Fixed a bug that sometimes crashed Doublet Scan when a window was

Home page:

The direct links are: ... an1023.sit
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