Find Stuff version 2.0.3

Disk configuration and file management utilities and info. RAM disk, image mount, disk analysis & repair, scsi management, disk copying, file cataloging, directory search, file concatenation, file save & recovery, file comparison & update, alias & trash management. Folder locking, file shredding. (For compression and encryption utilities, see Compress-Translate. For utilities that work only on text files, see Text.)
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Find Stuff version 2.0.3

Post by Info-Mac » November 17th, 1996, 11:00 am


Program to find files that have been misplaced on mounted volumes. Can
find by partial file name, date created/modified, type, creator, size,
get info comment, content and finder flags.

Multiple searches can run at the same time with the Thread Manager. The
ability to save the find parameters and use them again later. The
ability to save and print the find results for later reference.

Dave Sugar
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