iPassepartout 1.0 for MacOS X

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iPassepartout 1.0 for MacOS X

Post by Info-Mac » September 24th, 2003, 9:00 am

Download: http://archive.info-mac.org/disk/i-passepartout-10.hqx

Dear Madam, Dear Sir,
we are glad to introduce to you our new shareware for MacOS X,
iPassepartout version 1.0.
We would be glad if you can review our product in your magazine/web site.
Thank you.

iPassepartout is a very powerful Cocoa application for MacOS X that should
fairly replace the Find command in the Finder of any Mac computer.
iPassepartout in facts allows you to quickly search for files (or drag) and
simultaneously, in the same window, see/read/play/select/copy/drag the
CONTENT of the files found without opening/launching/activating any other
application. iPassepartout allows you to manage the content of most of the
standard kinds of text, graphic, audio and movie files like, txt, rtf, rtfd,
html, pdf, jpg, png, tif, pict, icns, bmp, photoshop, gif, tga, mp3, aif,
wav, mpg, mov, avi, and many many others more.
With iPassepartout it's like you had, in a single application, the features
of TextEdit, Preview, QuickTime, iTunes, Finder's Find...
You can know more at our web site:
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