Instant Folders 2.1, the ultimate folder navigation solution!

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Instant Folders 2.1, the ultimate folder navigation solution!

Post by Info-Mac » November 3rd, 1997, 11:00 am


Stop wasting time in Open and Save dialogs! Instant Folders is the
ultimate solution to navigate through directories. It lets you reach any
directory on any disk with a single click, directly from "Open..." and
"Save..." dialog boxes. It's as easy as using bookmarks in many other
You'll no longer have to dig through your deeply-hierarchic disks to get
where you want!
Instant Folders now takes full advantage of the Alias Manager.
Instant Folders 2.1 has many new features: for example, it can
automagically reconnect to a server without having to go through the

Improvements since version 2.0
* Fixed the last known bugs and tested with hundreds of programs: now
it's as solid as a rock.
* Tweaked the icon.
* Updated documentation.

System Requirements
Any 68020 or better Mac or PowerMac
System 7 (tested on the full range from 7.0 to 8.0)
Less than 15k on your HD and in RAM!

For more informations, please read the enclosed Read Me file.


Camillo Lugaresi
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