iSearch 1.1

Disk configuration and file management utilities and info. RAM disk, image mount, disk analysis & repair, scsi management, disk copying, file cataloging, directory search, file concatenation, file save & recovery, file comparison & update, alias & trash management. Folder locking, file shredding. (For compression and encryption utilities, see Compress-Translate. For utilities that work only on text files, see Text.)
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iSearch 1.1

Post by Info-Mac » October 10th, 1997, 9:00 am


Simply the easiest and fastest way to search for any text on your Mac.
iSearch lets you search folders or entire disks, CD's, for text.
iSearch has an accelerated search engine, that can work equally fast in
the background while you carry on your work.
iSearch is a rapidly evolving application. Many changes are in store for
this year. Please make sure you have the latest version. Count on iSearch
to grow rapidly based on your input and our own cornucopia of ideas. We
plan to make iSearch your favorite application by giving registered users
every upgrade free and by fulfilling your every desire, even ones you
didn't know you had!

New Features
--increase search speed (noticable in bigger files)
--use aliases+folder names instead of paths in menu - fixes path/menu
--search all disks
--added hit counter
--greyscale appearance
--correct problem with updating global scrap when iSearch looses focus

System Requirements
iSearch works fine on any Mac with system 7.1 or higher.
iSearch comes as a fat binary. This means its accelerated for the
PowerPC, and also runs on Macs with the older 68000 chip.
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