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MacSlack 1.0

Posted: January 27th, 1998, 11:00 am
by Info-Mac

MacSlack is a freeware drag and drop application that calculates the
amount of wasted "slack space" on Macintosh disk. It can also predict
how much space would be regained by splitting a drive into smaller
partitions or by converting a disk from HFS to HFS+ format. MacSlack
requires 500k of free memory and System 7 or newer. It is compatible
with MacOS 8.1 and HFS+ as implemented in MacOS 8.1 (compatibility with
HFS+ in future MacOS releases which use more HFS+ features than MacOS
8.1 is unknown). The home page is:

Eric Bennett, [email protected], Cornell University Biochemistry Department (Follow "About Me" link for PGP public key.)