MacUpdate 4.0b7 File Synchronization/Backup

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MacUpdate 4.0b7 File Synchronization/Backup

Post by Info-Mac » December 19th, 1996, 11:00 am


MacUpdate is a general-purpose file synchronization utility
that is simple enough to be used for every-day backups, yet
is flexible and powerful enough for specialized backup needs.

Changes to this updated version include a progress bar
display while synchronizing, deferral of error reporting
until after the synchronization process is complete, the
ability to replace newer files in a destination folder with
the corresponding older files from a source, the ability to
deal with locked loners that need to be deleted, and a few
minor bug fixes.

MacUpdate can be configured to create items on the backup
disk that are new on the original disk. Similarly, MacUpdate
can be set up to delete items from the backup disk that were
deleted from the original disk.

MacUpdate works with Zip, SyQuest, floppy disks, hard disks,
and AppleTalk networks. Pretty much any Hierarchical Filing
System (HFS) disk. MacUpdate requires System 7, and a 68020
or better, or Power PC processor. MacUdpate is a Fat binary.

MacUpdate can also do graphical comparisons of the contents
of two folders -- similar to a Finder list view. You can
visually "Preview" what will be updated before actually
performing a synchronization.

MacUpdate fully supports drag-and-drop from the Finder.

MacUpdate includes automation tools and good documentation.

$20.00 shareware. Released: 12/5/96
Author: Richard E. Fiegle, FIGLEAF Development.
[email protected]

I give permission for my program to be included on the Info-Mac CD-ROM.
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