New Menu 1.0b3

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New Menu 1.0b3

Post by Info-Mac » January 2nd, 1997, 11:00 am


New Menu 1.0b3

New Menu adds a hierarchical menu to your Finder's New Folder menu
choice. The Installer creates a folder named "New Documents" in your
system folder, and any files in that folder will appear on that
hierarchical menu. These files should be various new documents for your
various applications.

When you select one of those file names, New Menu copies that file into
your Finder's window (whereever the Finders New Folder would have
created the folder). It's a copy, so you can open and modify it without
changing your "blank" document in the "New Documents" folder. Also the
System Beep at startup is when the INIT loads and if any one can disable
this I will make them the co author.

New Menu requires system 7 (although it's only been tested on 7.5.5).
It may not work on older systems (But let me know if it will work) .

You can get any support on it, But It's completely UNGUARANTEED for it
may crash your computer. Feel free to send suggestions or complaints
to me at [email protected] .

Tim Hatcher
Main Net, Inc.
System Operator
mailto:[email protected]
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