PeekIt 2.4

Disk configuration and file management utilities and info. RAM disk, image mount, disk analysis & repair, scsi management, disk copying, file cataloging, directory search, file concatenation, file save & recovery, file comparison & update, alias & trash management. Folder locking, file shredding. (For compression and encryption utilities, see Compress-Translate. For utilities that work only on text files, see Text.)
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PeekIt 2.4

Post by Info-Mac » October 20th, 2004, 9:00 am


PeekIt is a quick and easy utility for examining any file on your Mac.
PeekIt allows you to open, examine, and change
(as raw or hex values) the contents of a file.
This is very useful for anyone from programmers
to people who just want to snoop around the
system to learn more.

PeekIt also allows you to annotate files, adding
notes about interesting data locations, fields,
and other information. This can be a huge boon
to programmers working in remote teams, and with
the addition of exporting .pinotes files in 2.4
this gets even better, see the Notes section of
the docs.

The ability to directly modify the contents of
any file can be invaluable, for everything from
making a change in a file you don't have an
application for, to fixing a value quickly during
debugging of an application.

PeekIt can also be a fun tool to explore and
learn, and in some cases make other applications
more usable. Peeking a game save file, for
example, can teach you how programmers think and
work when they are saving a complex bunch of
information. If along the way you figure out how
to give yourself 1,000,000 extra gold pieces that
can be fun, too!

You can also view most of the source code to
PeekIt in the application! Just select the
"PeekIt source code Window" item in the Windows

PeekIt is provided to the community free of charge.
C.K. Haun
Ravenware Software
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