The Eraser Pro 2.7.0; Security erasing and cleaning utility.

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The Eraser Pro 2.7.0; Security erasing and cleaning utility.

Post by Info-Mac » August 25th, 2000, 9:00 am


Make The Eraser Pro the cleaning application of your choice! There are
its features:

- Security method. The Eraser Pro deletes your files by using a
sophisticated procedure. It lets you customize many details of this job.
The recovery of deleted files becomes impracticable: there's no utility
able to do it!
- Simple method. You may also choose some details of this job.
The Eraser Pro returns several informations while it's using the features
of above and allows you to stop its performance at any time. It works fine
and fast in background, deleting large groups of items, you may also
instruct it to ask you the permission, before deleting.

The Eraser Pro may initialize your disks by using its own, customizable,
method. Through a co-operation with System, The Eraser Pro allows you to
take advantage of HFS+ and FSM, if you want.

The Eraser Pro creates a list, from where you may gather infos/trash/
delete/view your selection. You may also trash/delete the whole list and
you've always the option to erase by using the "Security method".
- Preferences search: The Eraser Pro searches orphan preferences
- System Folder search: The Eraser Pro searches orphan files inside
the whole System Folder.

All following cleaning options allows you to select the objects to scan:
disks, folders and, often , individual files.
- Orphan files search.
You may get a more accurate analysis, using the three cleaning option of
above, by activating a couple of special options, but slackening the scan
- Cache search:The Eraser Pro may scan the cache folders of your
Browsers, excluding some files according to theirs modification dates.
- Duplicate file names search.
- Empty folders search.
- Folder icons search.
- Empty aliases search.
- Help files search.
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