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Post by Info-Mac » March 3rd, 2002, 11:00 am

Download: ... ies-24.hqx

(section mathematics & education)

AlgebraTurboSeries writes a lot of worksheets on arithmetics and basic algebra
in a few seconds.

The section arithmetics includes the four basic operations.

 examples: 3*4=12; 13*8 = 104; 8*(12-4)=64

The section algebra includes 1) distributive rule, 2) factorizing

  examples to 1): 3(a-b) = 3a - 3b
                  (x+2)(x-3) = x^2 - x - 6
                  (a+2b+c)(d+e-f) = ad+ae-af+2bd+2be-2bf+cd+ce-cf

  examples to 2): ab - 3a = a(b-3)
                  4t^2 - u^2 = (2t+u)(2t-u)
                  ad+ae-af+2bd+2be-2bf+cd+ce-cf = (a+2b+c)(d+e-f)

  The most common types of polynomials are available in
  AlgebraTurboSeries, e.g. "(A+B)(A-B)", "(X+...)(X+...)", etc.

  AlgebraTurboSeries can also create and print out several different
  sheets with the same difficulty. So, you can spend your time doing
  better activities than writing worksheets on factorizing, your Macintosh

  will do this for you!

  AlgebraTurboSeries ist shareware (one single user license coasts 20US$,

   site/school licenses are also available).

  For more informations:

  - simply try AlgebraTurboSeries and see how easy it is...
  - read the ReadMe-file included
  - contact the author at [email protected]
  - see at (online order page with link to the

  main page)

  Thank you

  Enrico Felice
  [email protected]
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