Music Chord Teacher 1.0 FAT

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Music Chord Teacher 1.0 FAT

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Music Chord Teacher For Macintosh

Apple System up to 9.2
800*600 Screen Size

Copyright 2002

The Music Chord Teacher is a serious note teacher program that is fun to
play. A real musician developed this software! Students will learn the
chords for all the major keys. The game also includes the fret boards
for the equivalent guitar chord. This will enable both piano and guitar
students to benefit from using this program. The game also includes the
option to show either the standard or roman style chord notation. This
will help both serious student and those who are interest in learning to
read popular sheet music.The Music Chord Teacher provides you with a
very stimulating and creative setting for learning the chords. It lets
you customize every detail of the lesson. First select the key or keys
you want to study. Then specify which scale degrees to include in your
questions. Drill down further to select the exact inversions to include.
Once you are ready just click on the "Start" button to play. One to
seven random chords will be played on the musical staff from within the
parameters that you have defined. You answer the questions by playing
the correct notes on the computerized piano. You press the piano keys in
the same order that you read chords in. For example, if the chord were C
Major you would answer by playing C, E, and G on the piano. The notes
you've selected will remain highlighted and numbered sequentially 1, 2,
and 3 on the piano until you have entered all the notes for the chord.
If you have accidentally selected an incorrect note, just click on that
note again and it will be cleared. The interface is so easy that even a
4 year old could use this program.This program includes many options and
features. As with my other programs it includes a student name and grade
database. Chord Teacher goes one step further by including and optional
floating history window. This window keeps you up to date with all the
details of the game in progress. See your progress in real time. When
your done save it as a web page! Show your friends or teacher that you
really practiced! These features help make this program great for the
classroom or music studio. This program is very easy to use. All the
music graphics are very large and easy to read. Each interactive screen
element has help tips attached to guide you along the way. This online
version is fully functioning except that you will not have access to all
the keys. Once you have registered the program the unlocking code will
be emailed to you. The price for a single program is $25.00. Schools can
order an unlimited site license for just $100. To purchase a site
license enter 4 into quantity field below.
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