Morse Mania 2.3.1

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Morse Mania 2.3.1

Post by Info-Mac » April 21st, 2002, 9:00 am


Morse Mania is a morse code tutor for the Macintosh. It helps you learn
morse code by first introducing you to the morse alphabet, so you can learn
what each character sounds like. Then you can practice by listening to
random characters being sent, and test your ability. This version adds the
ability to play a text file, making it easy to create your own practice

In addition to drills to help learn the various characters, Morse Mania
also allows complete text files to be sent, so that "real life" messages
can be used for practice. In addition sample QSOs can be automatically
generated and sent, so users can practice copying real style communications
between ham operators.

Morse Mania supports the Farnsworth mode, which increases the speed of the
dots and dashes, and lengthens the pause between letters sent, allowing the
student to learn morse code at higher speeds more easily.

Finally, it allows the use of the Koch method of learning the code,
considered by many to be the easiest way to learn high speed morse code.

Shareware: $19.99

Chris Smolinski
Black Cat Systems
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