WorkSheet Maker 2.3.3

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WorkSheet Maker 2.3.3

Post by Info-Mac » January 19th, 2004, 11:00 am

Download: ... er-233.hqx

This application makes A4/US Letter Math Worksheets for Primary (K-6)
Education: you choose the type and the range of numbers: from adding
within 10, through division with and without remainders, to
multiplication of numbers up to 99999 by tens and units. Decimal
Problems too. No two worksheets will be the same, even with the same
range of numbers. Creates answer sheet. One line sums eg 4+5= or 4x5 =
and illustrated Function Machine W/S. Unregistered version watermarks

Requirements: OS 8.6 or later with carbonlib 1.6 or OS 10.1

More information:
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