ircle 1.5.1 source

Source in C, Pascal, etc. Note: apps that come with source should be included here as well as the appropriate software directory.
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ircle 1.5.1 source

Post by Info-Mac » November 28th, 1993, 11:00 am


This is a Macintosh IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client.
It allows you to talk to people all over the world over the Internet.

It will run on any Mac with System version 6.0 or greater and the
MacTCP driver, version 1.0 or greater.

This is free software according to the GNU General Public License
(any version). Refer to the file COPYING for precise terms and conditions.

This package contains complete source code and auxiliary files for
building the binary with THINK Pascal 2.0.1 or later versions.
Portions are Copyright 1992 Peter N.Lewis, read the notices in the
TCP Libraries files.

Send comments, suggestions, bug reports etc. to:
Olaf Titz
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