Imagino 1.1 hc

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Imagino 1.1 hc

Post by Info-Mac » December 30th, 2000, 11:00 am


This Story Book was made with HyperCard
This Story Book in it's electronic form is Free! and may be freely distributed as long as nothing is changed. And is accompanied with its Read Me File.
But all rights to this story, the character Imagino, the name Imagino, and the likeness of Imagino. are reserved by the authors Doug & Susan Anderson.
This Story Book is provided as is without any warranties, and the authors assume no responsibility for any damage caused by this HyperCard Stack or the material in this story in anyway. Parents should first read this book as with all books to approve it for thier children.
This Story Book is about learning to use Imagination. it's written for young children in the hope they will find it entertaining. This is our first try at something like this, although my wife Susan has credentials in the field of child development, We have written this in the hopes you will give us some feedback, on the idea of the character (Imagino) and the concept in general, or anything you might have to say about it. Our aim is to find a way of eventually getting the character (Imagino) published. To begin simply click the hand at the bottom of the card. To Quit or go to the Home Card click on the house in the bottom left hand corner. The fonts used in this Stack is (Times). Thank You, for any and all input.
You can contact us through our
E-Mail address: [email protected]

Please drop by the (Imagino's Place) web site:
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