ProFont 2.2

Typeface packages that contain both PS and TT formats (with any companion bitmaps) and packages that contain only bitmap format.
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ProFont 2.2

Postby Info-Mac » September 4th, 1999, 9:00 am


I was surprised to find that the freely distributable ProFont wasn't in the
archive. It's a great improvement over the Monaco typeface. It can also be
found on Steve's site . From the release

"ProFont was originally released as shareware by Andrew Welch. At that
time, it was distributed inside an installer application which could
replace Apple's Monaco 9 with ProFont 9. This made using ProFont as a
substitute for Monaco 9 very easy. When the Mac II and SE came out, the
magic used by the original installer became ineffective. Over the years I
(Steve Gilardi) have figured out how to install ProFont 9 in place of
Monaco 9 through the various releases of the System Software. After a time
I asked Andrew for permission to distribute ProFont along with my
instructions and he agreed and also decided to change ProFont's status from
shareware to freeware".

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