Gemjm - LaScritüraDalMeNono

Typefaces in Postscript format (with any companion bitmaps).
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Gemjm - LaScritüraDalMeNono

Post by Info-Mac » May 19th, 1998, 9:00 am


LaScritüraDalmeNono is a set of 6 cool fonts for the Mac. These 6 are all
based on the first, but they're all different. I'm sure that you'll like at
least one of the fonts bundled, and if you'll keep using it, please pay the
shareware fee. That's 5 US dollars!

If you want to register, you can do that online at with many payment methods. otherwise please
open the Register program bundled.

Updates and other fonts will be found in our homepage. Please visit and if you cannot find anything there, that
means that for some reason we've moved. You can track us linking to that of course will be updated.

If you have questions, ask to [email protected]

That's all... enjoy the package!

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