Symbats 1.1 (PostScript) - a Pagan dingbats font

Typefaces in Postscript format (with any companion bitmaps).
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Symbats 1.1 (PostScript) - a Pagan dingbats font

Post by Info-Mac » August 21st, 1998, 9:00 am


Symbats is a Pagan dingbats font. It contains lots of pentagrams, a full
set of astrological glyphs, solar and lunar symbols, and much more.This
archive contains the PostScript Type 1 version for the Macintosh. A
Macintosh TrueType version is also available.

The differences between this and earlier versions are:

* the PostScript and TrueType versions are now available separately

* the ReadMe has a few changes to reflect this, plus a change of address
and the addition of a URL

Symbats is Postcardware and it is okay to include it on the CD-ROM.
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