Hooteroll True Type Font

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Hooteroll True Type Font

Post by Info-Mac » March 5th, 1999, 11:00 am

Download: http://archive.info-mac.org/font/tt/hooteroll-tt.hqx

Hooteroll is a fully featured font based on the hand lettering style of
cartoonist and illustrator Johann Kiefersauer, know as Hansi. It comes in
two styles - Regular and Light, this package also includes 'Hooteroll jam'
a quick and dirty version of the font

The Hooteroll font is Shareware and copyright 1999 Dogstar, it is
completely functional and not disabled or crippled in any way, you can
register it using the enclosed application or online at:

Updates and the latest revisions to this and other Dogstar fonts are
available at: http://www.mamba.demon.co.uk/dogstar

Dogstar Fonts are available for both Macintosh and Windows
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