Japanese Font Package 3.0

Typefaces in Truetype format (with any companion bitmaps).
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Japanese Font Package 3.0

Post by Info-Mac » June 28th, 1999, 9:00 am

Download: http://archive.info-mac.org/font/tt/jap ... age-30.hqx

What is the Japanese Font Package?

The Japanese Font Package is a collection of Hiragana, Katakana and some
special characters that are unique to Japanese. The use of these
characters is made possible through a keyboard layout similar to those
used in Japan. Rather than using Romanji, each character can be written
with the push of a button!

The Japanese Font Package includes pictures of the entire Japanese
keyboard which have been provided in various graphics formats. (PICT, GIF
and JPEG) It is recommended that you print out the keyboard layout and
use it to determine which Japanese characters you wish to type.

Each key is given a special Japanese character as it's output. The
character to the right of the standard letter, is the hiragana or
katakana key that will be printed when entered.

What files are included with this font package?

The Japanese Font Package includes essentially four things:

1. Hiragana Textbook font. This font comes complete with a bitmapped
version, a TrueType version, and a PostScript Type 1 version (for use
with ATM).

2. Katakana Textbook font. This font also comes complete with a
bitmapped version, a TrueType version, and a PostScript Type 1 version
(for use with ATM).

3. Keyboard Layout Folder. Inside this folder there are 3 images of the
hiragana and katakana layout you will use. These files are all
identical, however they have been converted into different graphics
formats for easy viewing/printing. These formats are, PICT, GIF and
JPEG. Use your favorite graphics program to print out the layout for
use with typing in Japanese.

4. This manual! This manual should answer all of your questions,
however if you still have questions or comments, you can send email to:
[email protected]

PRICE: Just $15 US. (Shareware)

For More Information on The Japanese Font Pack, please check the Inaka
Software Web Site at:


Or send email to: [email protected]
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