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AKI Font Dowloader

Post by Info-Mac » November 16th, 2000, 11:00 am

Download: http://archive.info-mac.org/font/util/a ... der-15.hqx

Short Description:

The AKI Font Downloader allows you to manage fonts on your PostScript
printers using an intuitive Finder-like user interface.

Long Description:

The AKI Font Downloader is an elegant program for managing fonts on your
PostScript printers.

Using the Font Downloader, you can:

€ Examine the fonts installed on your printer, both in RAM and on your
printer¹s hard disk.
€ Download fonts to your printer by simply dragging the font files from your
computer to your printer or its hard disk.
€ Remove fonts from your printer¹s hard disk.
€ If necessary, initialize a hard disk attached to your printer.

System Requirements:

MacOS 7.6.1 - 9.0.x
800 KB free application RAM
300 KB free disk space
LaserWriter Driver
Networked PostScript Printer


This is a full working 10-day demo version.

Include on CD's:
AKI Font Downloader may be included on any commercially available CD-ROM's.


Home Page:

Author's E-mail:
Todd Donahue
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