Fast Font Menu 2.2J - Japanese Version

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Fast Font Menu 2.2J - Japanese Version

Post by Info-Mac » July 27th, 2000, 9:00 am

Download: ... -22-jp.hqx

This is the Japanese version of the Fast Font Menu package.

FastFontMenu is a Control Panel which speeds up the building of the Font
Menu in most applications. It does this by sorting the font names in an
internal array, rather than insertion sorting them in the menu the way
older versions of the MacOS did . It also caches the list. This has two
benefits. The first is that it'll be MUCH faster for every font menu
after the first, as long as your fonts haven't changed (applications
that have fonts in their resource forks will clobber the caching, but
they've been warned not to do that by Apple's Developer Support for more
than seven years). The second benefit is that after the first time, the
memory requirements of FFM are much smaller. If you were seeing problems
in a control panel or desk accessory, you should no longer see them as
long as you've run an application that builds a font menu first.

Important: FastFontMenu requires the Collection Manager, which is
included with MacOS 8.5 or later.

FastFontMenu is WorldScript savvy, and should give you a font menu
that's sorted in the same order that you get without it installed. If
you find that this isn't the case, drop me a note, and I'll look into

FastFontMenu 2.2 is fully compatible with Mac OS 9.
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