FontAgent 8.5 - Organize and Repair Your Fonts in Minutes

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FontAgent 8.5 - Organize and Repair Your Fonts in Minutes

Post by Info-Mac » June 9th, 2001, 9:00 am


Repair and Organize Your Mac Library in Minutes!

FontAgent 8.5 from Insider Software is the ultimate font optimizing
utility. It quickly reads a disorganized font mess from a folder, drive,
or multiple Macs and creates an optimized and organized font library.
FontAgent 8.5 detects and repairs corrupt fonts, removes duplicate and
unmatched fonts, removes unnecessary point sizes and re-organizes the
fonts into a manageable, stream-lined font library. Using FontAgent 8.2
improves your Mac's performance, eliminates font related crashes, and
guarantees reliable printing. If you use Suitcase, ATM Deluxe, Font
Reserve, or Master Juggler, run FontAgent 8.5 first to simplify font

This version features better handling of fonts with non-standard
information, enhanced identification of font foundries, and improved support
for Mac OS 9. In addition, the release includes maintenance fixes that
result in enhanced font reorganization and greater stability when testing
corrupt fonts.

Visit for more information.
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