FontBuddy 2.1 japanese

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FontBuddy 2.1 japanese

Post by Info-Mac » January 7th, 2001, 11:00 am

Download: ... -21-jp.hqx

FontBuddy 2.1 [2001/01/04] Japanese Version

FontBuddy 2 is a Font Viewer. It shows all the characters of any font.
It provides keystroke(s), ASCII and Unicode for any characters.
It can print samples of both installed and uninstalled fonts.
It is easy to use and MacOS 9 savvy.

Version 2.1 includes:
- Improved Font Browser
- Support for OpenType font (Font Information)
- FontList floating window
- Page number to indexes
- Several bugs fixed

FontBuddy 2 requires a Power Macintosh with MacOS 8.1 and later.

Contacts: [email protected] , Yoshi SAKUMA, [email protected]
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