Font Gander Pro 1.6.sit

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Font Gander Pro 1.6.sit

Post by Info-Mac » September 20th, 1999, 9:00 am

Download: ... der-16.hqx

Font Gander Pro 1.6.sit

Font Gander Pro is the world's handiest font browser. Allows you to
view and print font samples without first installing the fonts. With
Drag-and-Drop simplicity, you can open and print whole folders or
disks full of fonts at one time. Renders TrueTypes and Type-1's at
high resolution, and works with any printer. Includes the Gander
Quill editor - as friendly as any draw program - which allows you to
design your own layouts featuring up to 99 fonts per page. This is
the ONLY font sampler program that gives you these features.

The 1.6 version enables ATM anti-aliasing in the browse window,
allows you to select fonts for print while you're in browse mode,
allows you to keep selected sets even when you cancel print jobs, and
sports a new look. Also fixes a duplex printing bug and a
longstanding problem with aliases.

Requires: System 7 or higher, MacII or higher.


*Inclusion on CD-ROM permitted*
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