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The Fontz 3.3

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Product Name: The Fontz
Version: 3.3
Type: Shareware
Category: Font Tools
System Requirements: OS 8 to 9.x, 6MB RAM

The purpose of The Fontz is to make finding that special font for a
particular project as fast and e

The Fontz is a versatile font utility that allows you to browse your
existing fonts, see what they look like at different type sizes, styles and
colors, and even group them in like categories using a "wysiwyg" group
maker. For fast and easy browsing run either a manual or an automatic font
slide show where you can change size, color, style, and even the display
text while the slide show is still in progress. You can view or print out
individual fonts, or any of your font groups. The Fontz offers a combination
of focused feature set and low price. A great deal for anyone, publishing
professional or otherwise, who wants to find fonts quickly or organize their
fonts easily.

Main Features:
Create Font Groups
View manual or automatic font Slide Shows
Choose between mulitple font browsing options
Access premier font websites from within the program

New in this version:
- Display window features:
- run a font slide show
- background and text color selection
- character or text display
- add fonts directly to group
- add fonts to group during font slide show
- Fontz viewer window:
- faster and smoother scrolling
- access display window
- interface enhancements

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Home Page:
Contact: [email protected]
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