Eyeballs.dmg.gz 3.1

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Eyeballs.dmg.gz 3.1

Post by Info-Mac » March 14th, 2004, 11:00 am

Download: http://archive.info-mac.org/game/eyeballs-31.hqx

Eyeballs provides you with a "desk critter": eyes that watch your
cursor as you work. They are very configurable, very Aqua, and very
groovy. Much more full-featured than other eyeball apps you may have
seen; they are even skinnable!

This is version 3.1 of Eyeballs. New in this version:

Added a Japanese localizion
Added a new skin, Pirate Blue

Eyeballs' home page: http://www.sticksoftware.com/software/Eyeballs.html
Stick Software's home page: http://www.sticksoftware.com/
Stick Software email: [email protected]

Eyeballs may be included on CD-ROMs.

Ben Haller
Stick Software
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